Clear Smoke Review

It is said my doctors and other medical practitioners that smoking is injurious to health. It is another debate whether smoking is in which form. Then scientists decided to made such an electronic cigarette which is neither harmful for health nor have any burden on the pocket. Then after hard work of many years scientists discovered the electronic cigarette. The name of electronic cigarette is Clear Smoke which I have today decided to introduce with you people. I myself use this electronic cigarette and enjoy it. Let’s have a brief introduction of the features and qualities of Clear Smoke.


What is it?

Clear Smoke is specially manufactured electronic cigarette for those people who are chain smoker. This cigarette is of highly quality, advanced technology and echo-friendly. It gives you many options. Actually Clear Smoke is a disposable cigarette which you have to take and after 400-500 puffs you should dispose it. It also depends on how heavy you smoke. It is a chargeable cigarette which you use and then charge it. There are four levels of nicotine and it gives you option whether which level you choose for yourself. There are 2 main flavors in Clear Smoke one is menthol and other is tobacco flavor.

How does it work?

The process of working of Clear Smoke is as same as the ordinary cigarettes but the main thing is hidden in its body. There is no tar, no second hand smoke and not nicotine as ordinary cigarettes have. When you inhale or puff the Clear Smoke it gives you the smoke which actually is an odorless vapor and gives you the satisfaction of smoking. The Clear Smoke is mainly consisted of two major parts one is battery and the other is atomized cartridge.



Every product is made up from ingredients and elements and ingredients play a very important role in the success of any product. Clear Smoke is mainly consisted of two major parts in which one is its battery and the other part is atomized cartridge which screws in the battery. The body is consisted of many parts like stainless steel shell, ion lithium battery, microelectronic circuitry, very high sensitivity sensors and an operating mode light which is stick on the tip of the cigarette which lightens when you suck the cigarette. Dilute flavor is fixed in the atomized cartridge which you can dispose off whenever you want.

The visible benefits

When you use any product which is made up from all good elements and components then it is must that you get many of the advantages and benefits from that supplement. I also have been using Clear Smoke from last few months and I got numerous rewards and compensations from this electronic cigarette.

No tar, no smell, no injurious to health nicotine and no second hand smoke in it

It is disposable

available in the menthol and tobacco flavor

not harmful for my health

gives you the same satisfaction as other ordinary cigarette can


Any risk

When you use any product which is not good for health and consisted of all fake and useless ingredients and elements then you must get many of the side effects from that product. I have been using Clear Smoke from last few months and I never get even a single side effect or harmful effect of this product on my health. Many of my friends, office colleagues also used Clear Smoke to satisfy their thirst of smoking and they also never claimed any complaint of the side effects of this electronic cigarette.

Customers review

Mr. David Scott says that after using Clear Smoke now his life has been changed. He does not need to think before smoke at any public place. He also says that after using Clear Smoke his health is now very good because no tar and nicotine get inside his body with smoke puffs.

Mr. J. Scottsadie is also one of the regular users of this electronic cigarette. He says that after purchasing the Clear Smoke now he can easily go anywhere without thinking whether his brand of cigarettes available there or not. He is very happy with the performance of Clear Smoke.

Doctor’s recommendation

Doctors and scientists both are agreed on this point of view that the ordinary cigarette is too much harmful and injurious for health. now from last few weeks I have been witnessing that many of the doctors are also recommending Clear Smoke to the people who are chain smoker and cannot live without smoking because this electronic cigarette has not any tar, not any bad smell and also not any injurious to health nicotine in it.


How to use

Clear Smoke is very easy and simple in use. This electronic cigarette is in disposable form. You have to refill it with your favorite flavor and use it. You have to take 400-500 puffs of this electronic cigarette and it depends on your smoking.

Surveys and researches

In a recent surveys and research in which many of the regular users have mentioned their views and comments about Clear Smoke have claimed that after using Clear Smoke they never feel any deficiency of the ordinary cigarette. They also said that after using this electronic cigarette their expenses of purchasing ordinary cigarettes have lessen and their health has been improved.

Risk free trial

Now by seeking the peoples interest in getting this electronic cigarette the producer of Clear Smoke has decided to give people 14 days risk free trial offer to check whether this Clear Smoke is able to satisfy them or not. This risk free trial is only for the initial users of Clear Smoke.

Where to buy?

Clear Smoke is not an ordinary or locally manufactured product which can be easily accessible from any store or shop. If you are interested to get Clear Smoke then you have to visit its official website.